Ashleigh Montford

Graduate student Ashleigh Montford serves as the 2017-2018 Miss Black Savannah. 

A Savannah State University graduate was recently crowned Miss Black Savannah for the 2017-2018 season. Ashleigh Montford, who graduated in May with a bachelor's in mass communications and currently is pursuing her master's degree at SSU, was selected for the ambassadorial role in May. 

Montford is originally from Warner Robbins, Ga, but moved to Marietta before she came to college. She graduated from Savannah State University, and she is continuing her education to pursue a master’s degree in public administration/ non-profit organizations. She said she hoped to start her own creative arts company in the future.

Her role as Miss Black Savannah is “going into the community, volunteering, counseling young girls and college freshman, as well as having a few mentees...The mentees make the work that I do worth it,” Montford said.

Montford’s platform was power, perseverance, worthiness, and resilience. She said she believed that “little girls don’t have to wear a crown to be beautiful.”

Montford credits the Department of Journalism and Mass Communications with helping her write proposals, press releases, newspaper articles, and photography- the work that she did within the department helped her tremendously with her new title, she said.

Editor's Note: Ashleigh Montford is a former writer and columnist for Tiger's Roar. She no longer writes for the publication.

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