David Crowley’s photos are remarkable, because they seem to be pictures of a happy-go-lucky man who most of us would admire right away.

The recently graduated biology major was handsome, confident and friendly. He was well liked on campus. Students say that’s why his death was such a shock them. Many students say they just weren’t expecting it. 

John Wilson, a homeland security and emergency management major who plays cornerback for SSU football said, “I came in the same year he came in and we’ve been in the same group which was close group of friends. We all looked out for each other as well as compete among another. When I found out the news I was shocked. I didn’t wanna believe that it happened because David was a nice guy and I have never seen him mad or be on anybody bad side. I think he would want to be remembered as a hard worker and someone who would try the hardest to do things for you. He worked his butt off and did extra things that it took to be a great player on and off the field.”

Cameron White, a mass communications major and SSU football wide receiver said, “I played on the team with him for 2 years, and we had great battles during practice getting each other ready for games. It was real a shocker, and I’m still in disbelief; it really it doesn’t seem real. He would want to be remembered as someone you can count on and he definitely got your back no matter what.”

Again on the surface, Crowley seemed to live a life many would envy. According to the SSU’s athletics page, he loved drawing, rock climbing, and paint balling. 

If he was depressed or down about anything, no one seems to know what it might have been. What students do know is, that he was special to them. And nearly everyone who knew Crowley is feeling the weight of his loss. 

Gerald Robinson Jr., a mass communications major and SSU football safety says, “I’ve known Crowley since my Freshmen year. We played the same positions on the field so we were always together for meetings and practiced as a unit.  We all had a good bond we called ourselves the Island Boys. I was shocked when I heard the news because Crowley and I have actually been roommates before for away games and I just would have never thought this day would ever come. I know Crowley would love to be remembered as the silent hard working leader he has always been and I can honestly say Crowley was a true alumni that would never change on the brothers he had at Savannah State.”

Eugenia Lartey-Attigah who is a professional licensed counselor at SSU says, “In essence we come on campus we address the students and take care of the students from there. We are pretty much on call all the time. If the distress happens during schools hours we are here upstairs located in King Frazier. Most students may not know where we are located, so i make it my business to go around do campus outreach to FYE classes. I also do support groups like Freshman 101, and it honestly has helped a lot of the students.”

There are counseling services for any students who are dealing with a lost friend or a loved one. Counseling services are located upstairs in the King Frazier building. The National Suicide Hotline number is 1-800-273-8255.

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