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Despite that he was born an injustice of being black in America, the Philly Rapper made his struggle into a life lesson pouring his blood, sweat, and tears into this album. The album “Championships” is his first full-length album since his recent release from prison. His album captures a bit of the flare and dedication that he had on his debut album “Dreams and Nightmares.”

 I believe a bit of the hype over his latest album is because he has sparked a movement. For starters, he was sentenced to prison based on gun and drug charges. Allegedly, the statue of credibility of the police officer should have been brought to attention. Apparently, the police officer was racist, but he was the key witness. Therefore, the judge believed the officer and sent Meek Mill to prison. He was sentenced and tried to get out on bail, but was denied.

 Black America felt he was mistreated by the court system and started a #FreeMeek rallying begging for his freedom. I believe that when he was released, this hype dwelled from this entire storyline about how and why he was sentenced.

Nevertheless, I give the album a 3/5. I personally downloaded six out of his nineteen tracks released on November 30, 2018. The intro song on the album gave me chills and the type of vibe he produced in his popular club banger song “Dreams and Nightmares.”

His record “Respect the Game” is a nostalgic song that references a popular sample of the song “a Garden of Peace” by Lonnie Liston Smith. His collaboration song with new and upcoming artist, Ella Mai, titled “24/7” is a cute song that samples some of Beyoncé vocals and will pull on women’s heartstrings. 

The record that is witty and identifies the struggle in which Meek Mill over came has to be his song “100 Summers” from the album. The record talks about his struggles and states how he wants to “ball,” which means he just wants to succeed.

My favorite song from the album has to be “Almost Slipped.” I believe that Meek touched bases with a very personal relation that he had with Nicki Minaj on this record. He talks about how he can no longer trust women anymore because of his heartbreak. He says that he will never love or trust other women in this song because he gave his whole heart to someone. 

One of the most witty and cute metaphors that he uses in this song is when he says “I got plans to cut you off, I know that you won’t like it. I knew that it would come to this, I seen it like a psychic.” I thought that was a good rap bar, in my personal opinion.

 What I dislike from the song though is that he does bash his ex and refers to her in a negative way like she was worthless to him, but I am assuming that is his pride, masculinity, and anger coming out.

 The album is good. It will make an impact because of all the hype since his release from prison. He seems to be back to the old Meek on this album and I am excited to see where things take him. I recommend listening to those songs if you want to get a feel of who Meek Mill is and who he will become.

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