Justice League came out as one of the all-star superhero adventures from DC Comics, featuring Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash. Yet compared to previous marvel sequels, DC Comics presented a piece with explosive and large-scale ferocity, evidenced by the mass destruction of property, close-up battles using a variety of weaponry.

This reflects the modern storyline of sequels, with the greatest superheroes coming together to save the world. Wonder Woman and Batman arrange an abled team to stop Steppenwolf from destroying the world. This can be easily misguided for a boring sequel but bet not, the success of this movie comes from the coalition of these strong and abled Justice League members. The viewer's attention is directed to the mannerisms, interactions, and physicality, much on point for a superhero movie. There is Aquaman with his beastly underwater prowess, quirky The Flash with his numerous comedic moments, Cyborg as the technological logistics manager. Yet more praiseworthy is the task allocated to Batman and Wonder Woman as parents who successfully lead their children into key combat.

This reference works perfectly, reflecting the film's comic book adaptation, with the viewer treated to light-heartedness and humor. For the better part of the movie, the human CGI has been excellently executed and The Flash's slow-motion scenes are amazing and nerve-wracking to watch. 

Although some would perceive this as another 'save the world' superhero movie, Justice League has is properly scripted. On reflection, this film could be defined as the best and adequately high-spirited studio lark were no more or no less is provided or delivered to the audience or viewers. Despite the outstanding narrative befitting a superhero film, there are intricate screenplay issues that have not been addressed per se. For instance, there is a problem with harmonizing the screen time for the superheroes whose quantity has been knowingly longer. 

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