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An energetic crowd packed Tiger Arena Wednesday night for the highly anticipated Homecoming Comedy Show and Concert. On the guest list was none other than Oxford, Miss.- native, comedian and actor Karlous Miller. Miller is best known from MTV’s “Wild N Out.” He also has a popular podcast “85 South Show.” With his raw and relatable humor, he can rock any crowd.

We spoke with him after his performance on Wednesday night:

Brandee Miller: What made you want to become a comedian?

Karlous Miller: What made me want to be a comedian is I’ve always had a natural ability to make people laugh without trying, like my delivery was humorous so it just made sense. People have been telling me my entire life that I had the gift of making people laugh.

BM: What doors has comedy opened for you so far?

KM: I have been able to do everything I’ve ever imagined. I’ve been on adventures, traveling the world and driven race cars. I’ve crashed a race car on live TV before. I’ve been able to perform for the soldiers and troops. I got to travel to Europe and so many different countries.

BM: How do you fit your family time into all of this?

KM: It just happens sometimes, like you hit a lot of cities and sometimes you have family in those places. Sometimes the family will get tired of you being on the road, so they’ll pull up on you. Family time is important and they’re going to make sure it happens. You got to make sure you Facetime and text. Then you got that auntie that call and say, “You just act like you don’t know no damn body, you see me calling you.”

BM: Why is it important to you to visit these colleges and do these tours?

KM: I do it because this is the next generation, man. You have to get those people ready and show them how to go to a comedy show. A lot of people never been to comedy show before, don’t know how to act in one or when to laugh. Comedy is therapeutic you know, people will get into it at a young age and want to see live stand-up comedy. These are the people that’s going to come see you later on at the clubs, the live events so you definitely want to try and come make new fans. You get to introduce yourself to people who may not be familiar with you or may just be familiar with you from an aspect. 

BM: How long have you been a part of MTV’s “Wild N Out”? What is your favorite segment of the show? What goes into the preparations?

KM: I have been on the show now for nine seasons, I started on Season 5. My favorite segment of the show is a hard one, it varies. It really just depends on whoever the guest is man. That’s what I love about “Wild N Out” is the diversity- you will never get the same show twice. The way I prepare is when I know I’m about to be in a rowdy setting, I try to get a little moment of quiet. I’ll try to get in the zone right quick and throw some headphones on. I always try to make sure I break away and give myself 5-10 minutes of just peace and quiet just so I can focus and get my mind ready.

BM: Have your jokes ever been stolen before?

KM: Oh, multiple times my jokes been stolen. You know Instagram, those memes, a lot of those are my jokes that come from my podcast or old sets that I’ve done. You remember the “Kermit the Frog” memes, a lot of those came from my comic view sessions. You ever seen the hashtag “black men don’t cheat,” I created that years ago. There’s a lot as an entertainer that you don’t get credit for, but that’s just a part of the game. Imitation is a form of flattery.

BM: What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?

KM: The biggest lesson I’ve learned so far is to never stop learning lessons, you don’t ever know it all. Nothing is ever “right,” we just go with what works in life, in general. Through our trials and tribulations we learn what our “right” is. My “right” and your “right” won’t necessarily be the same. We don’t all live the same.

BM: Tell me more about your podcast “85 South Show.” What made you want to start a podcast?

KM: What made me want to start the podcast is because I’m a huge fan of consuming content. I listen to certain things for my knowledge, my black history, personal entertainment, for my growth and so on. I needed my comedy that makes me laugh. We don’t have raw radio anymore. There isn't an outlet where you can get uncensored black comedians without you going to YouTube and having to put your own playlist together. I’m a comedian, I know some of the funniest entertainers in the industry. I know a bunch of athletes and some of my best friends are the best comedians I know so we can do this. I told myself that we don’t even need a lot to make it happen. It’s not even about money, fame or followers, it’s about having a place where we could talk about what’s going on in the industry the way we see it. You get that real conversation that’s not just an interview. We needed that rawness, that’s what’s missing in the game. You’ll get to catch DC Young Fly and Chico Bean on the way to perform in front of 10,000 people. There was a huge need for a black male perspective. We not talking over anybody we are talking directly to the people.

BM: What’s next for you? What do you want to be remembered by?

KM: I have a tour kicking off with Mike Epps, going to be kicking off after thanksgiving. I’m staring in a new movie titled “How High 2.” You’ll also see me on TV One, Bounce TV, and in a Tyler Perry project. I have a lot of things on the rise just stay in touch with me through my social media. What do I want to be remembered by? I have a joke and I always say, every time you see Karlous, he was Karlous, that’s what I want to be remembered by.

BM: What advice do you have for the students of SSU?

KM: For any student trying to get into any business or venture in life needs to know with failure comes success. You have to fail a lot to be successful and that’s okay. Failure doesn’t mean that it’s over, failure is temporary. Don’t ever take no for an answer. You can make anything possible, it may not look good at first, but everything has a beginning.

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