Tom and Jerry the Movie is based on the animated media franchise and series of comical short films by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. The director and producer of this film were Phil Roman. The movie surrounds the characters Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse who hate each other.

The movie starts off with Kayla who is played by Chloe Grace Moretz quitting her job. She finds her way into this fancy hotel and manipulates her way into getting this job by impersonating this woman that has a great resume that she had ready for this job interview. Though out the movie Tom and Jerry fight each other over selfish reasons. They open with Tom performing for money on the New York streets and Jerry hogs his spotlight and money which causes them to start the grudge.

Kayla ended up working for a rich couple whose names are Ben played by Collin Jost and Preeta played by Pallavi Sharda who are having marital problems that may be Kayla can help with. The ring that Ben had for Preeta ended up being lost by Kayla so she went on a search to find it. The character Terrance who is played by Michael Pena was Kayla’s guide, to show her where things were and how to do those things. He started to slowly realize that she wasn’t who she said she was.

That’s when Tom and Jerry took their fight to the hotel and eventually were encountered by Kayla. Kayla finds out that Jerry the mouse is the one who stole the ring so Tom is hired to get the ring back and to get rid of the mouse before the marriage takes place.

Tom and Jerry end up make things get worse with their fighting so Kayla sends them away together so they can bond and learn to like each other. During that time Kayla also realizes that she is in the wrong after she is caught by Terrance. She confesses and learns from her mistake a. The arguing duo then put their differences aside to save the hotel, a planned wedding, and her career.

Of course, the highlight of the movie was Tom and Jerry and their silly and violent gags. This really says that the concept of Tom and Jerry will never die.

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