Finals week is a trying week for faculty and students alike which is why it is critical take care of both your mental and physical health. The American Psychological Association (APA) considers self-care an “ethical imperative,” and the organization has adopted it as part of its ethics code.  

It can be hard to balance assignments, extracurricular activities, work and celebrating the holidays with friends and family, so here are a few self care tips to help you get through finals season:

1) Get some fresh air. Even if it’s just for a few short minutes, taking a short walk gives your body some time to stretch out.

2) Do some deep breathing. Breathe in for 6 seconds, hold for 2 seconds, then exhale for 6 seconds. This meditative breathing calms your nervous system down and helps you refocus on your task.

3) Watch a TED Talk on something that interests you. It may be finals week, and you may feel like you’re done learning for the year, but if you have a particular subject that interests you, it may help to take a break from studying and focus on that instead.

4) Change the picture on your lockscreen. Your selfie might be cute, but if you’re looking for a change of pace, changing your lockscreen to a motivational quote will give you a little bit of a push.

5) Clean your room. Sounds like something your parents might say, but a clean room can help you focus and prepare your mind.

6) Unplug for a few hours. One of the easiest ways to give yourself a break is to turn your phone and TV off and allow yourself to be unstimulated for awhile.

7) Naptime! You probably didn’t need to be told this, but naps are extremely helpful for the human brain to reset.

8) Take a bath. Bath bombs aren’t just a girly thing. Take some time out of your day to soak your muscles and relax. A glass of wine probably won’t hurt either (if you’re of age).

9) Color. It might sound silly, but coloring has been scientifically proven to put the brain in a kind of meditative state.

10) Set your outfits out before each test day. It’s one last thing to figure out, and it’ll ensure you have an outfit that makes you feel dressed for success. 

[She/They] 23 yrs, journalist, intersectional feminist, film technician. Always choose common sense over comic sans.

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