Sisters of the New South

No good Southern meal forgets comfort food such as Mac-and-cheese, cornbread, collard greens, root vegetables, ox tails, and, of course, fried chicken. This "soul food" usually comes int he form of family recipes passed down, generation to generation. 

When Kenneth Brown, a former manager of Hardee's, and his wife Vicki Brown decided to open a soul food restaurant in 2009, these comfort foods became the base of their menu. 

The restaurant Sisters of the New South was named for Vicki Brown, her sisters and her mother. 

“Most of the recipes comes from my mother-in-law and my dad," said Kenneth Brown. Soul food is not measured with measuring cups or teaspoons. It’s based upon experience and how it’s been prepared from generation to generation."

The location on Skidaway Road makes Sisters of the New South an ideal eating spot for students at Savannah State University. 

“I went to Sisters of the South with my friends and the food was delicious. It took me back to mom’s southern cooking,” said Daniel Gardner, senior business major.

Soul food is generally used to describe African-American dishes in the United States, with the perception of skilled cooks using limited means to form a distinctive cuisine.

Today, Sisters of the South has three locations: one in Atlanta and two in Savannah.

“When people tell you, this restaurant reminds them of their grandma’s cooking, you can’t get no better compliment than that," said Kenneth Brown.

Benfrank Kioko, junior Africana studies major, said the restaurant gave a feeling of home.

“It was an amazing experience," Kioko said. "Savannah State University don’t provide many home cook meals and when I come to Sisters, I feel right at home." 

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