Savannah State University held its 193 undergraduate commencement ceremony today, Saturday, Dec. 8, at Tiger Arena with the graduate ceremony held Friday, Dec. 7. 

The arena was filled with alumni members, family, and friends extending their congratulations to graduates who walked the stage to receive their diplomas.

The SSU Concert Band performed "Pomp and Circumstance, No. 1 in D Major" as the graduates took their seats and faculty members entered the arena. 

Both the Concert Band and SSU Concert Choir gave a rousing musical performance of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” just before the SSU NROTC unit and reserve officers presented the colors.

Graduating senior Princess Cherish Merenini, chemistry major, spoke a reflection to her fellow graduates encouraging them to stay the course and remember the fond memories they built as a family while studying at Savannah State University. 

The invocation was delivered by honorary doctorate and alumnus Rear Admiral Annie B. Andrews (’83). 

Darius Jackson and David Handler both achieved the prestigious President’s Second Mile Award. 

The Honorable Lisa Goldwire Colbert, a Chatham County Juvenile court judge since 2012, gave the commencement address. 

Willie Metts (’85), Walter E. Gaskin (’74), and Annie B. Andrews (’83) received honorary doctorates from Savannah State University, all distinguished alumni of Savannah State University. 

After all the graduates received their diplomas, Doctor Dozier charged students to “leave past experiences on one side, to start new experiences on the other side” and “to keep in mind the high purposes to which you have aspired and for which this great university has prepared you: intellectual development, moral behavior, compassionate relationships, and personal actions for the good of the commonwealth.”

Congratulations to the fall graduates of 2018! Each of you are seriously impressive.

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