Savannah artist Ashley Innis will host the Sultry Art Exhibit on Saturday, Jan. 12, 2019 in the Social Science Building, Room 107. Innis will be collaborating with St. Louis native Sonja Robinson on this exhibit.

“This is my first time collaborating with someone in an exhibition, my past exhibits have always been solo. If I had to work with someone, I had to pair up with someone whose objective was similar to mine,” Robinson said.

Robinson is excited to do her first campus exhibit with Innis. She says she sees Savannah State as a place people will congregate and looks forward to inspiring others.

“I’ve never done campus exhibits, “I’m expecting to see the students and see how they react. Time is always changing and I want to keep evolving,” she said.

We spoke with Innis at her home:

Q: What is the Sultry exhibition?

A: The simplest way that I can say [it] is…Sultry is the flame of love. It’s [about] the passion of love. So that’s my point that I’m trying to get across.

Q: Is this your first exhibit on Savannah State's campus since graduation?

A: Yes – you know how you have to work hard for that senior thesis. My first exhibit on this campus was for that project. It was four years ago in 2015… It was called "Visions of Grace" with [co-artist] Rudy King. So that was the first exhibit at Savannah State. It was my senior thesis.

Q: What about other exhibitions prior to Sultry that you’ve done – how were the experiences with those events?

A: Those are the ones I did the month before. The first one I did was in November, which is currently displayed at Glo’s Coffee Corner. It’ll be on display until Dec. 3. You can always stop by.

I went there and I said we were going to have an opening reception – we’re going to invite people. But, I was so surprised to see [other] people show up – it was the first day. Two girls…two students from Georgia Southern came that I met downtown at Forsyth when I was trying to sell some art. I was able to explain the artwork and give a first-hand understanding of what I was doing. So, I like that. Hopefully, people will come out and I’ll be able to explain what the artwork actual means.

It’s not about me just painting the picture, it’s what you see in it...It’s about what sparks something in you.

Q: What would be your advice to the people that come to the exhibit?

A: Bring an open heart and an open mind... and open your eyes like you’re ready to see something.

Innis graduated from Savannah State University in 2015 with a bachelor of fine arts degree in visual and performing arts with a concentration in studio art. The abstract painter is working towards displaying her artwork in restaurants, parks and museums around Savannah.

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