“Soul” is an entertaining, comical, but heart-felt Disney Pixar movie directed by Pete Docter who stars Jamie Foxx, who became Disney-Pixar’s first black lead, and Tina Fey. This film was released on December 25, 2020. Jamie Foxx plays the character Joe Gardner who wants to be a jazz musician. At the beginning of the movie, he is a middle school band director but then gets this huge opportunity to play with Dorothea William and ends up falling into a sewer, which ends his life at the moment.

Life hasn’t gone the way Joe expected it to go. He enters this realm called the great beyond where all of the souls are being transported to the afterlife and he doesn’t accept that it’s the end. So, Joe escapes the realm and enters this other place full of lively souls called the great before where souls are prepped to go to Earth. Joe encounters this soul who is named 22 who has been in the great before for a while because it hasn’t found its self-purpose. They then go on this journey of self-discovery.

This film has a very mature message for their viewer, Joe attempts to help 22 find their passion, and then eventually discovers that he needs to shape his life. “Soul,” tells us that we can still shape our own lives no matter what we end up doing in life.

Joe and 22 work their way to Earth so Joe can do what he always wanted to do in life which is be a Jazz performer. The only dilemma was that 22’s soul was in Joe’s body and Joe’s soul went into a cat’s body. 22 eventually falls in love with Earth, disregarding the bad things about it but Joe becomes consistent with the need to want to perform. With 22 traveling back to the great before, 22 becomes to be unmotivated to want to live on Earth.

Joe finally performs and realizes that what he is doing wasn’t anything different than what he was doing in the past, he was already living. Later into the film he captures his deep purpose in life which was helping 22 live the life it never had.

Joe’s decision to give his life to 22 was the biggest decision of his life. 22 finally got to embrace life on Earth. Joe’s selflessness rewarded him another chance at life on Earth, creating the masterpiece that is called “Soul”. This movie was a touching character film in terms of the philosophies of life, how to live, and how to see your life, talents, and calling in life.

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