Eric Lopez is woken by the sun and his iPhone alarm. He hits the snooze button for just 5 more minutes, and then finally decides to get up and recites his daily mantra. It's 6:30 a.m.

"Thank you God for allowing me to wake up this morning, I thank you God for giving me another chance to get it right,” he whispers.

Lopez, a New York native born to Jamaican parents, came to Savannah to finish college and create a life for himself. Lopez is 24 years old and will be attending Savannah State University in spring 2019.

Lopez says he wants to major in Mass Communications in hopes of changing the media world. Lopez is also a stock trader.

“I’ve been following the Forex market for a couple [of] years now, and I dream of investing my money and flipping it. I want to be so good at trading that I will never have to work for someone else again,” he said.

Once dressed for the day, Lopez heads out of his house at 7:15 a.m. and walks to work. On the 15-minute walk, Lopez listens to music. This too is a small, but recognizable, ritual of his.

“Music is what wakes me up, gets me motivated, gets me ready to face the day,” he said.

Lopez currently works at Whole Foods, in the kitchen. Lopez is very fond of cooking and creating new things which he credits to his West Indian background,

“My mother taught me how to cook at a very young age. In our culture, food is everything,” he said.

At 2:00 p.m., Lopez is running for the front door after clocking out of his shift. On the walk back home, Lopez continuously checks his phone to see which trades hit. He prefers to trade bitcoin and gold, but is open to learning a lot more.

He started in the Forex market by simply looking it up. A couple years ago, Lopez wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life and felt there was no purpose. When his mother introduced him to it, he instantly gravitated toward it and loved it.

“My mom didn’t know much about the Forex market, but she introduced it to me. She showed me that it is possible to make money in your sleep, but you have to work hard at it,” he said.

From that point on, Lopez said he never looked back and he promised himself he would master the Forex market one day.

As he gets home, he gets his daily call from his good friend Bundy.

“Yo Elo, what’s good? What you doing man?” said Bundy.

Bundy is a high school friend of Lopez's who resides in New Jersey. During their conversation, Lopez sits down on his couch and pulls out his MacBook. After work every day, Lopez marks up his charts which he says helps him to practice and grow in the Forex market.

This simple tool helps him to make better trades for the future.

“If I didn’t have to work, I would do this all day,” Lopez said.

“Well you aint’ rich yet so make sure you take your ass to work," Bundy said jokingly. 

After marking up his charts, Lopez then decides what he will trade today. Once he places his trades, he checks them every 5 minutes to see if they are going up or down. 

“I had to learn the hard way that patience is needed when dealing with the Forex market. I sometimes get so mad and frustrated from a bad trade, but I have to keep reminding myself I’m still learning and one day I’ll hit big,” he said.

At 5 p.m. Lopez takes a break from clicking back and forth between computer tabs to prepare his dinner. As he marinates his steak, he explains how much he misses his mother and grandmother’s cooking since he lives so far away. 

“Food brings my family together, we fellowship and laugh with one another all during the preparation of family dinner,” he said.

By 7:00 p.m., Lopez is at his dining room table with a fork in his right hand and his left hand on his keyboard clicking back and forth between the tabs. He explains Forex is a 24-hour job.

He will have to keep his eyes on his trades to make sure they are going correctly.

“In a matter of seconds you could lose so much money if you aren’t careful or placed the right trade. I have lost $60 before by not paying attention and not being patient enough,” Lopez said.

As he’s taking a bite of his well-done steak, Lopez receives a call from his favorite aunt, Max.

“Wah gwan, Eric. What’s up?” Max says.

Lopez replies in their native dialect.

“Wah gwan Max, me a just sit here and mark up the charts for me Forex,” he says.

Once he’s made his trades for the day, Lopez turns his attention to his media website, MotownFluence. The website is a way for Lopez to express himself and is how he found his passion for journalism.

Lopez created the site when he was a freshman in college.

"My dream is to be my own boss. I want MotownFluence to be the biggest media outlet and I want to master the Forex market. I want to be able to give back to my family,” said Lopez.

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