Temptation Fashion Show

Lights, Camera, Action! Nothing but glamour, style, and creativity was shown at the fashion show, Temptation, which took place April 5 in the Student Union Ballroom.

The show was put on by Bundles for Queens, Kreative Coaching, J. Allure, and Lush Couture. The name of the show was Temptation, however the theme was a movie director casting for scenes in a movie.

Admission to the show was $1, except for the people on the VIP list. Most of the people on the VIP list were family, friends, and sponsors of the show. At the door everyone received tickets for giveaways- including bundles of hair from Bundles of Queens, a Lush Couture dress, lipstick from J. Allure and a T-shirt from Kreative Coaching- that happened throughout the show. 

Rodnesha Williams, one of the models in Temptation said the show was exhilarating.

“Through all the hard work, we persevered and showed out!" she said. "The feeling once you hit the runway is clearly amazing.”

The show was split into four scenes that the movie director, played by Kaleel Pitre, wanted to cast.

Scene one started with two of the models talking while introducing the women who were about to slay the stage. The female models came out to rip the runway and show off their bundles from Bundles for Queens.

The second scene had the most sex appeal. It began with a male and female model laying in bed. They then acted out a “lovers quarrel” scene. Then came the models who were sporting different outfits from the Lush Couture clothing line.

Sean Brown performed one of his latest songs during intermission. The break in the show also featured a walk off between four representatives from Savage Inc., Timeless and L.A. Nation modeling groups. 

Rhianna’s "Desperado" opened the third scene, and a group of women all came out in formation to serve the audience runway greatness.

Before the beginning of the fourth scene, organizers held a walk off for the best dressed person in the audience. Contestants went on stage and walked down the runway. Whoever received the loudest applause received a $100 prize.

The final scene was designed to advertise the brand Kreative Coaching. A mix of male and female models showed off different t-shirts and hoodies from the line. 

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