It is completely normal for college students to have about $5 bucks to their name. The books, the unnecessary fines, the overall tuition all become a pit pocketer for matriculating college students. 

What about the holidays when everyone wants a gift? Almost every major department store has major deals that will steal. Steal your attention…and your pockets.

Often the thought out of “will I eat dinner tonight or eat sleep for dinner tonight” goes through a college students head at some point in their collegiate career.  Gifts can become expensive on a college student budget especially when you only have about $4.76 in your bank account. Different department stores and even the bookstore on campus create sales for the holiday season.

We all know that Black Friday is a big hit for sales and unbelievable deals. While college students are home over the Thanksgiving break, it's ideal to start holiday shopping especially during the Black Friday sales. Stores like Target always have a “Under $5” section that will create the perfect holiday gift for your friends and family.

When buying a gift on a college budget, creativity may become the perfect way to make the perfect gift. The Walmart and Dollar Tree arts and crafts section could be a deal breaker. Simply designing a basket for your Grandmother’s blankets or painting a mug with your Dad’s favorite football team will be sure to make the holidays extra special.

College students may dread the holiday season because of the costs. But thanks to major department store holiday sales and annual deals like Black Friday, college students' $4.76 bank account balance can be kept at ease.

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