Jahlin Smith

SSU Athletics 

Jahlin Smith was Born January 10, 1997 and his from Barnwell, S.C.. Smith is majoring in mass communications. He plays Forward for Savannah State men’s basketball team.

Hobbies include listening to music and travelling…

Accolades: 2-A All-State team…

Q How do you feel about the 2017-18 season?

A -the season was one to remember it was a beautiful one just not the best ending. We had a goal that we had set which was win the whole tournament and we didn't. Winning the MEAC was just a first step but we didn't win it when we were supposed to.

Q what do think the team could have changed to win the MEAC?

A -simply rebounding more and playing more as a team instead of being selfish. I didn't really play towards the end because of a injury but me watching I seen a lot that could have change for the better but it's a lesson learned.

Q what's something the team need to work on this off season to be better next season?

A- just keep at the same things that got us to where we were during the season we had a good offense once we found out that we was a shooting type team so we just have to work on running more plays and work on our defense and mainly our condition cause that plays a big role when we are in those close games.

Q Why do you think the team play home better than away?

A -Because at home we always had that motivation and momentum from our crowd that kept us hyped up. Always it's a place where we practice every day so our shots and stuff was always falling rather than playing away we never could find our game for some reason

Q you as a player yourself what are you doing this off season to improve your skills?

A - I'm going to be here over the summer working out getting stronger. And getting in the best shape that I possibly could get in

Q the recruits that you have heard coming in, do you think it's going to help ythe team? If so in what way?

A - I haven't heard of any yet but we have a great recruiting coaching staff so whoever they bring in most likely it's going to be players that can benefit us and make us a better program

Q What's your plans after college?

A - My plans are to be playing professional basketball overseas and if I can't make it to that level I want to do something dealing with basketball as far as coaching or training or anything I can get myself into, but the main goal is to continue to play basketball

Q And did you expect to lose the early in the tournament after winning the MEAC?

A - Not at all because we already had a bad record playing away so knowing that we was playing away was something that we either was going to play like we home and make it work or we was going to lose


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