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You don’t have to be a Beauty Expert to save time on looking your best! You just have to sample a few products or get recommendations from consultants like me, who are all about saving time and maintaining healthy hair and skin.

Trust me, there will be a little trial and error especially if your hair frizzes quickly or if you have oily or dry skin, but for every problem there is solution! I advise getting up close and personal to these Amazing Beauty Tips to help you get to class and work on time.

Tip #1 – Use an In Shower Moisturizer for your skin

         Saves time on drying off and moisturizing after you get out the shower.  The heat of the shower helps the ingredients of the in Shower moisturizer sink into your skin.

Tip #2 – After a shower, wrap your hair using a Microfiber Towel

         Wrap your hair while applying your makeup and its saves you about 65% drying time.

Tip #3 Natural? Braid/Twist your hair the night before

         Best Morning results if your braid/twist your hair right out the shower the night before. Gives you a cute, funky wavy/ curly look the next morning. Saves on Styling time.

Tip#4 Texturizing Spray

         Want to make those curls last? For GREAT second day texture and movement flip your head over, spray the texturizing spray, and watch it as it works.

Tip #5 Skip highlighter and use concealer

         Instead of taking extra time to use highlighter, use concealer to cancel out any darkness, This saves time and money.

Tip #6 Skip Shampoo and Use a Deep Cleansing Conditioner

         For soft and shiny hair skip The shampoo and use a conditioner. Which leaves the hair softer and shiny and doesn’t strip your hair of its natural oils.

These small tips will definitely save you time on getting ready!

Brittani Williams is a licensed master cosmetologist who is a senior mass communications major at Savannah State University. She owns her own salon, The HairBar, located in Savannah, Georgia. She specializes in sew-ins, blowouts and color.

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