Judas and the Black Messiah is a spectacular movie. This film is based on true events and highlights the life of Fred Hampton who was the chairman of the Black Panther Party chapter based out of Chicago, Illinois. Hampton was a gifted civil rights activist who had the ability and the power to bring oppressed groups of whether black, white, Hispanic, etc. together to stand up for their human rights and no longer be oppressed by white Americans.

The government realizes how powerful Hampton was and understands what would happen if Hampton continued to unite oppressed groups of people to fight back against the government. Eventually, they insert a spy into the Black Panther organization to relay inside information and give the government opportunities to prepare for Hampton, or just stop his plans before they can even be put into action. The spy was a man by the name William O’Neale. O’Neale was able to work his way up the ranks of the Black Party Organization and became the leader of security for the party. Initially, he started being an informant to stay out of jail but then remained undercover as long as he was properly compensated for the information that he was providing to them.

This movie is so great because it sheds light on a part of black history that is not touched on or talked about in school. The star-studded cast did an amazing job of fully and accurately depicting the life and efforts of Fred Hampton and his chapter of the Black Panther Party. It is truly an eye-opener on just how corrupt the system was and still is to this day.

Overall the movie earns a 10/10 rating for the performance done by the cast and director, but also for the overall meaning and purpose of the film. The film is so great because it shows the cruelty and wickedness of the white man during that time; while at the same time unveiling the true strength, perseverance, and power that black people have and those white people were afraid of them finding. This is an amazing piece of work from the beginning to the end and is recommended to everyone to go check it out.


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