When it comes to hair, African Americans are known for being very cultural. The various of unique styles that are worn on African American females is incredible. The south prides itself in the more unique styles. 

Hairstylists take pride in what they do and Johntae Walker, owner of Salon Sarae, is no different. Walker enjoys talking about entrepreneurship and her passion for doing hair. 

 “I like making my own money," she says.

Many people start their own businesses because of they can make their own money and work the hours they want to. Hairstylists are always in demand because people want their hair done right, for a decent price and they want it done quickly and Walker says this is what Salon Sarae provides.

They also make tons of money in one week. The average hairstylist makes $25,645 a year, but Walker makes way more because of her big clientele.  

Salon Sarae (named after Walker’s daughter) is one of the most popular salons here in Savannah, and being located by Savannah State University makes her clientele even bigger. Her clientele is mostly Savannah natives but Johntae Walker says she’s been getting a lot more clients from SSU. Salon Sarae is known for their very unique braiding styles and sew ins. They do short cuts, feed in braids, individual braids, bobs, lemonade braids and more. They cater to kids as well. Being that the shop is very well-known Walkers says that scheduling is one of the hardest parts of her job.  

In 2009 Walker stated she went to cosmetology school and received her licensed to legally open own shop to do hair. Every state in the nation requires that hairstylists, barbers, and cosmetologists be licensed to legally provide their services. Each state’s requirements for licensure are different, and are enforced by the boards cosmetology 

During my interview with the owner of the shop I asked what made her start wanting to do hair and her reply was, “Ever since I was 13 I wanted to do hair. This is the only thing that I wanted to do.” You can tell she is very passionate about her work and takes pride in what she does. When asked what motivated her to start doing hair she stated, “my mom used to do hair and I watched her and that made me want to start doing hair.”  

Walker states that the best part of her job is of course making her own money and working alongside with her family. The atmosphere in this shop shows a lot of love within the workers and the customers. You can really tell that the workers really spend their time to make every girl look pretty. When asked about the worst part of her job she said, “overheads would have to be the worst part.” Walker not only has her own salon but she also sells hair and she says, “the quality of the hair is great.” 

Salon Sarae provides hair for the girls who get braided styles, but with sew ins you either have your own her or purchase hair from Walker’s own hair line. Being that most salons recommend to come with your hair already washed, Walker says that you can come with it washed or they can wash it for you.  

While in the shop I asked one worker by the name of Kema if she did braids or just sew ins and she said, “I just do braids.” Another worker, by the name of Nene says she does both braids and sew ins.  

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