"Where to Draw the Line"

SSU NAACP members, Miss Collegiate 100 members, and participants gather for a photo after the "Where to Draw the Line" event held on campus.

On January 23, the press and publicity committee of the NAACP, Miss Collegiate 100, and Malachi Stewart hosted an “Earn Your Stripes” event titled “Where to Draw the Line” at 7 p.m. in the Student Union. 

About 30 people attended the discussion on setting boundaries in relationships, double standards and personal experiences. Miss Collegiate 100 Zuri Randall, a graduating senior mass communications student thought it would be great to create a safe space where students could be open about their experiences while also respecting each other’s opinions.

Students sat among their peers as they listened to the panel’s experiences about what they liked and looked for in a future soulmate. 

Denzel Roberts, a junior mass communications student said, “This event was a great way to bond with the brothers and sisters on this campus. It’s a great event to have fun. I feel like it’s very informational, even if you didn’t know anything about women or men. It helps you learn about the different genders, and the event was very interesting. So overall, it was a fun event.”

Throughout the event the audience had a chance to participate and give their opinions about certain situations such as what guys may think that girls like or what kind of characteristics they would like in a soulmate?

Panel participants mingled attendees after the event’s conclusion to see how they enjoyed the event and what they liked about it.

Their next event is on March 3 titled “Juvenile Justice Movie Night Out”, a showing of the film American Son at 6 p.m. in Elmore Theatre. 

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