Wonder Women 1984 is the sequel to the Patty Jenkins directed Wonder Women Film from 2017. Once again Patty Jenkins directs another Wonder Woman which is the sequel. You have Gal Gadot, as Wonder Women aka Diana Prince, Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord, and Kristen Wiig as Barbra aka Cheetah.

Wonder Woman lives low among the mortals in the 1980s, which is a time where everyone had a drive of having it all. She continues to save people in need without asking any questions. Maxwell Lord comes into the picture as an oil barren whose losing all of his money and resources. When he comes across an ability to grant wishes, he puts the world in danger. Kristian Wiig plays Barbra Minerva, a timid and shy woman who wishes to be like Wonder Woman.

The film opens up with a young Diana competing in an Olympic game. Diana ended up doing very well in the competition but ended up skipping a step which causes her to be disqualified.

The film transitions to 1984 where Wonder Women is stopping a heist in a mall which is a great action-packed scene. Barbra is then shown as a clumsy, neglected employee of a company. Barbra and Diana bump into each other and get to eventually know each other. They discover this rock that Diana kind of found suspicious and Barbra accidentally grants a wish that was to be strong and confident like Diana along with Diana granting her love who is Steve Trevor to be back. With them being unaware of their wishes they go about their daily lives. Maxwell Lord gets a hold of it and wishes to become the dream stone which causes many problems in the future of the film.

Maxwell lord goes all around the world finds people of power, politics, and business to create this empire to be in control of the populist. He throws his loved son to the side to get what he wanted to be done. The one flaw of the dream stone has is that it takes away something that you had before, it affected all three characters but mostly Wonder Women and Maxwell Lord. Wonder Women’s powers started to go away while Maxwell Lord’s body started to decay.

With Diana living life with the love of her life, she doesn’t automatically see the problem. She shows him around since he’s not used to the time. Steve Trevor is amazed at all the things that earth upgraded on, especially the planes. Wonder Woman realizes that the stone is dangerous, and it is starting to affect her. She tells Barbra but, Barbra wants to keep the powers.

Wonder Woman attempts to take down the terror of Maxwell Lord but her powers start to fade away slowly. Barbra ends up changing into a different character than she once was.

She changed into a predator, a Cheetah. She started teaming up with Maxwell Lord because she wanted to keep her powers while Diana wanted to bring things back to normal. Diana had to come down to a tough and emotional decision to save the world and denounce her wish. The powers quickly came back and she rushed to take down cheetah and Maxwell Lord with her new flying ability she learned from Steve. Once she takes out cheetah with her golden armor, she rushes to Maxwell Lord.

The man who wished to be the dream stone was in the process of getting the whole world to wish their selfish but not intentional wishes. Diana tried to persuade him to stop but he kept going. The final battle with Wonder Woman and Maxwell Lord was an emotional battle of mostly words. Wonder Woman finally attaches her Lasso of Truth to Maxwell Lord.

There was a point in the movie where Diana told Steve that the Lasso doesn’t just make people tell the truth, it also makes people see the truth. With Diana’s help, people all around the earth began to renounce their wishes. It eventually gets Maxwell Lord to do the same. He starts to think of his son and choices his son over his pride, greed, power.

Wonder Woman again saved the world from grave danger. She didn’t have to defeat Maxwell Lord by killing him, she found the love of the world in his heart which was his love for the sun

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