Savannah State University students are gearing up, once again, to travel the globe as part of study abroad this summer. 

Students have been working on registering for classes, obtaining their passports, and meeting with their program leaders to stay on track. From Ghana to Panama, Japan to Costa Rica, these are just few places where SSU's study abroad can take students for summer 2019.

Study Abroad Coordinator Melanie Smith has been reaching out to students from different departments and enlightening them on the benefits and needs for studying abroad.

“There’s nothing like studying in your major and being off from home. That’s the mainstream of our students, they’ve left home to come to school and find themselves. What I want to show our students, however, is that there’s more than the state of Georgia, there’s more than the United States. You’ll experience a little shock being at college, but you won’t experience a full culture shock until you leave your comfort zone,” Smith said.

“I was a study abroad student in my undergraduate years, which is what lead me to be so passionate about doing this job here at Savannah State. I know what it did for me, and I know what it did for my career prospects. When I apply for jobs, the big difference from me to everybody else was the fact that I’ve been a study abroad student. Companies love to see that on resumes. This shows them that you can handle being immersed in another country’s culture in the business world," Smith said.

Study abroad veterans Prof. Felicia Tuggle and Prof. Roenia Deloach are leading students from social work to Ghana. From tours of the country to volunteering in the communities, program participants have the opportunity to experience the people and the culture. Their program is 3 weeks long and offers four 3-credit classes.

Theo Plothe, professor of mass communications, is leading students into Japan to discover a new outlook on media. The group will visit TV studios, newspaper outlets and university campuses. The 28-day adventure will allow students to experience up to two classes in mass communications.

Prof. Irina Tedrick is leading students to Costa Rica and giving them the opportunity to spend time in studying the history and culture of Latin American. Students can take three 3-hour courses for the opportunity to earn up to nine credit hours toward a language.

Jessica Sparks, also a professor in mass communications and an adviser for Tiger's Roar, is leading students to Panama to report on issues important to the Afro-Latino culture. During the 21 days in Panama, students develop story ideas for publication in partner media outlets, obtaining footage and interviews while exploring the culture. The courses begin in Savannah but then travel together as part of the next step of the experience for class work. This trip will feature three 3-credit course options for students.

Kisha Aites, professor in teacher education, is leading an excursion for 14 days in Botswana. Students will meet some of the country's primary and secondary school teachers and students, university faculty, as well as diverse rural and urban dwellers. Students will explore Gaborone, nature reserves, museums, and cultural wonders such as the Matsieng Footprints and Bahurutshe Cultural Village.

Toni Renee Johnson, professor of dance, will lead students into China on a two-week theater and dance tour. This will allow students the opportunity to watch and participate in some of the country's most historic cultural arts. 

The study abroad website at lists all of the trips and their prices, which include room and board, field trips and round-trip airfare from Savannah. Tuition, insurance, passport and visa fees and required immunization fees are not included in the program costs. 

For more information, please contact Melanie Smith at (912)-358-4152 or

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