According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, 4.8 million college students are raising children and are pregnant. 6 out of 10 females that get pregnant in college drop out before making it to graduation. 

Savannah State University is not shy to this statistic. Ms. Gwenn Jenkins, the pregnancy counselor at Savannah State University, stated that "the biggest issue is the students that do not know their resources on campus." Jenkins has reported that the number one culprit of becoming pregnant while in college are the freshman young ladies.

The good news is that there are so many different resources on campus that are afforded to the pregnant community in our institution. Savannah Cares is headed up by our one and only pregnancy counselor on campus Ms. Jenkins.

Savannah Cares supplies free pregnancy testing, free parenting classes, proof of pregnancy records, an a Learn as You Earn program for mothers in need. The Learn as You Earn program is a exciting program where you can take free parenting classes and earn points to shop in the Savannah Cares store that is stocked with all types of motherhood necessities, such as strollers and baby clothes.

 Savannah State university  also has the Harris Mcdew Student Health Center which also features Curtis V. Cooper Free Health Clinic. This Clinic makes visits to SSU’s campus and gives free health screening, pap smear screenings, STD testing, and free OBGYN assistance for students without health insurance.

Even the University itself wants to lend a hand through the disabilities center. All you have to do is bring your expected due date and the center can make sure you get the necessary assistance to stay on track with your classes.

No one has to feel left behind just because they are expecting. As long as you receive the abundance of help that is waiting for you at your institution, you can still be one step closer to your graduation. 

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