For a city as rich in history and talent as Savannah, it is understandable that a lot of talent is born here. Talent like Crystal Jenkins, a 27-year-old Savannah native and the creator of Fudashi Collection. 

Fudashi Collection is a women’s apparel brand, and Jenkins plans to diversify into active wear and streetwear later down the line. The Armstrong Atlantic State University graduate started Fudashi Collection two years ago, “I felt that is was the right time to do it."

According to Complex Magazine's website, streetwear is really defined by its independence. And, as clothing moves more toward athletic wear and active wear, it's no surprise independent designers are looking to move into the lucrative market

Jenkins is already looking to the future of her business and is even ready to re-do her entire line. “Right now, I am undergoing a revamp, I want to have a unique and certain appeal to the clients I want to reach,” she said. 

The process of expanding into a different style of clothes is something that another Savannah designer, Diamond Eric Poole, Jr., is all too familiar with. Poole is the creator of Occhio Black, a streetwear line. For him the move is from streetwear to high fashion, and he says it is important to, “have your finger in more than one pie.” 

Jameel Sabir of Great’s Custom Emporium is content with his business focusing on a very specific type of clothing – T-shirts- and he plans on, “showing the world that mom and pop small businesses can still succeed.” He has no plans yet to expand his niche. 

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