If you laid in your bed Super Bowl Sunday morning on social media ranting about 2017’s most anticipated football game, then something free and informative slipped right past you. This past Sunday, from noon to 4:00P.M. the Georgia History Festival, a K-12 programs designed to educated children and teens about the history of Georgia, hosted its annual Super Museum Sunday.

“As an Art History teacher the most important thing about Super Museum Sunday is that it opens up the museums for free so that they’re accessible to more people that would go to them normally, maybe people that can’t afford can go, right?” said Professor Nichelle Wilson-Parish on this day the admission fee to 88 historical museums, sites and houses all around Savannah, St. Simon, and the Metro-Atlanta area are waived, giving the community an opportunity to experience Georgia’s history free of charge.

54 of Savannah sites such as The Wormsloe Historic Site, the Telfair Museum, the SCAD Museum of Arts, and the Revolutionary Battlefield Memorial Park “the concentrated group, in this area, and the way that its run, you can go to several different events in one day to learn and experience things that you wouldn’t normally be able to do” said Parish. According to the Georgia Historic Society, in the past an estimate of 16,000 people were in attendance to Super Museum Sunday, according to Harry Delorme, Senior Curator of Education of the Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences says, this year, a total of 3,974 people visited Telfair all together. 2,044 visited the Jepsen Center, 1,353 at the Telfair Academy, and 577 at the Owens-Thomas House.

At the Jepsen Center, all varieties of people and families stood near the wall in a line awaiting their opportunity to walk through the two dark tinted glass doors. Nick Cave is an internationally-renowned contemporary artist and creator of the Soundsuit, a “full body suit constructed of materials that rattle with movement…like a coat of armor, they embellish the body while protecting the wearer from outside culture.”

Nick Caves sculptures are in response to the Rodney King shooting which took place during the time of the LA wars, these of which inspired Caves design, sculptures based on the scale of his body, covered in what he refers to as second skin of a second with skin that “conceals race, gender, and class, soundsuits camouflage the body, forcing viewers to look without bias or judgment.”

Delorme says that Super Museum Sunday isn’t the only event that Telfair is involved in or the only program that they have, one of which is the College Night that will take place, April 8, 2017, from 5P.M to 8P.M.. This is where students, with a valid ID can tour the museum, the Nick Cave exhibit, and K.C.H.U.N.G live broadcast radio.

There is always so much to learn about the history of where one stays, and its even easier when it’s free. Super Museum Sunday is “an opportunity to experience the museums first person. The social part of it is important, people from all walks of life experience the museum at the same time.”

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