Orange Crush is Savannah’s annual beach party. College students flock from every direction to enjoy a weekend of sand, music and alcohol. While Orange Crush is a fun and exciting experience, it is important to remember a few tips to ensure a safe and memorable weekend.

  1. Have a designated driver, and if they fall through, have money set aside for an Uber, taxi or a Lyft. Remember: buzzed driving is drunk driving!

  2. Watch your drink. Be aware of your surroundings and everything you consume, watch your friends drinks too.

  3. The internet is forever. Be careful not to do anything you don’t want popping up on YouTube in a few years.

  4. Fanny packs are your friends. Condense your valuables and then wear them securely around your waist.

  5. Do not break the law. Underage drinking can harm not only your body, but your legal record too. Do not do illegal drugs either. And please, no fighting.

  6. Know your limits. For everything.

Orange Crush is a great time to let your hair down before finals week, do not do anything you will regret. Be safe, be smart and enjoy the beach.

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