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Invited to a tailgate party, but don’t have any money to purchase a shareable side? Here are some ideas to help you get through.


Who doesn’t love popcorn, right? Well, popcorn can be dressed up in all kinds of ways, for cheap! First, start off with a bag of popped plain popcorn. Second, pick your favorite toppings and go crazy! Popular recipes include nuts, caramel, milk and white chocolate, marshmallows, Oreos, Reese’s Pieces, or even Cajun spices.


Thinking of a dip to go with tortilla chips? Guacamole is a popular go-to at tailgate parties. Grab a couple of avocados, tomatoes, an onion, a lime, garlic, cayenne pepper, cumin, cilantro, and salt for a sensational dip. In the mood for a spicy kick? A few drops of hot sauce or even a jalapeno will do the job.


Sandwiches are an easy finger food to make. They too have the ability to be a great tailgate food with the right ingredients. Add a little spark to those boring turkey and ham sandwiches. Bacon, sweet or spicy sauces, or even switching out plain bread for Sweet Hawaiian Rolls can turning boring into exciting. All at a low cost!


Make a homemade vegetable platter instead of buying one. Pick about 4-6 popular vegetables and section them on a tray. Don’t want the vegetables to be plain? Well, buy a bottle of your favorite ranch or bleu cheese dressing and add it to the platter.


Fruit platters work just the same as vegetable platters. Head to the produce section at the local grocery store, and pick a handful of fruits that are in season.


Baked beans are an inexpensive side dish to add to the tailgate party. A couple of large cans of a popular flavor will feed all guests.


What’s the great part about serving nachos? There’s always more than enough for everyone! First, line a dish with tortilla chips. Next, add all of your favorite toppings! Beans, chicken, beef, cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce are a few popular toppings.

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