On Sept. 29, the Creative Coast kicked off its #MadeinSAV campaign at the Bull Street Labs.  

#MadeInSAV is a campaign that emphasizes creative and state-of-the-art businesses produced in Savannah. #MadeinSAV is a partnership between the Creative Coast, the City of Savannah and the Economic Development Authority. Savannah has a population of about 146,763 and is the home of many big and small businesses. 

Courtnay “CoCo” Papy is the community manager at the Creative Coast and she is the mastermind behind #MadeinSAV.

“Sometimes Savannah kind of gets reduced down one, dimensionally. In reality, Savannah is this multi-layered and amazing place. There are so many people in Savannah who have really creative, wonderful and beautiful things. Whether they are dreamers, hustlers, or small business owners, we have this beautiful thriving community because people choose to stay here,” said Papy. 

Entrepreneurs all over the city are creating their own things such as cupcakes, bath bombs and movies. #MadeinSAV is the cheerleader for local entrepreneurs to get their businesses out there on a national aspect.

“We are really looking for creators. If you write code, we love you. If you sell donuts, we love you. If you do social media, we love you. We are essentially looking at the people who make Savannah unique and we really want to shine a light on them,” said Papy.

Many business owners in Savannah are selling their products nationally and globally. They are so busy selling things that they tend to forget about reaching out to the people that are right here in Savannah. #MadeinSAV also serves as a reminder to the community about all the cool things that are made here. 

#MadeinSAV has reached out to 32 organizations that include restaurants, developers, and innovators. The public was invited to come meet some of these people that have been putting in work in their businesses. 

If students from SSU would like to showcase their talents, small business, want to start a business or want to be profiled through #MadeinSAV, they can contact Papy through email: coco@thecreativecoast.org or use #MadeinSAV. 

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