Spring Break officially ended on March 13...or so students thought.

Upon returning to Savannah State University, students were greeted with CAB's Cabifornia Dreams Spring Fling week- a series of social events, gatherings, and competition from March 13 to 17. 

On March 17, to kick off St. Patrick's Day weekend, CAB threw a yard show at the Freshmen Living-Learning Center courtyard. The night before, a hypnotist show was held in the Student Union ballroom. However, the events at the beginning of the week were the most talked about from the week. 

The annual carnival was held in the T.A. Wright Stadium parking lot on Wednesday. The cold weather did not keep students from attending the event. Many students got bundled up in their coats, and came out to enjoy rides like the Ferris wheel and foods like cotton candy and funnel cakes.

On Tuesday, CAB held an upscale Hollywood all-white affair.

Rochelle Ward, a public relations and marketing member of CAB, said that she wished more students would have come out to enjoy the atmosphere, but being that it was the group's first time hosting this type of event, students probably were not sure what to expect.

The main highlight for many on campus, and the kick-off to the week, was the Rodeo Drive Fashion Competition, featuring all 4 of the universities modeling organizations- Timeless Fashion Model Management, Nubian Elite Council of Fashion, Savage Incorporated, and Lethal Allure Nation.

Students said they were happy to have a fashion competition after the traditional Homecoming fashion competition did not happen in 2016.

Savage Inc. won first at the competition, and L.A. Nation got second place. 

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