This year’s Homecoming Fashion show was definitely one you did not want to miss. Timeless, Nubian Elites, and L.A Nation were the three modeling groups competing for the winning spots. Although, Savages did not participate this year’s fashion show members were still present to represent wearing bright red.

American Next Top Model contestants Bre and Bianca hosted this year’s show. Both hostesses lite the stage with their energy while even letting some of the audience members strut their walks on stage.

The first group to hit the runway was Timeless. Their performance was in the form of a countdown, every time the next number was reached a new song would play and new models would grace the stage.

Nubian Elite kicked things off with a classroom theme while surprising the crowd with a big bang when they rolled out in a red automobile.   

Even though the crowd seemed to have liked the car portion from Nubian Elite, L.A Nation stole the show by doing a marching band theme. The models stood off in the audience and marched their way to the stage. It didn’t stop there either, they went on to do a small rendition of Lil Kim as well as H-Town, Knocking the boots.

Nah’Ja Bread a sophomore at SSU said, “I really loved L.A Nation. They actually looked as if they were having fun with it, rather than just modeling. Hands down they were the best.”

The show ended with Timeless coming in third place, Nubian Elites coming in second, and Timeless winning the title for first place. 

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