TGIT officially began on Thursday, September 27 and fans predicted the fifth season of “How to Get Away with Murder (HTGAWM) to surpass the iconic Scandal/HTGAWM cross-over when Annalise Keating teamed up with Scandal’s Washington D.C. Fixer, Olivia Pope, to take on an impossible Supreme Court Class Action Suit (and won it!). Fans guessed right when an all new murder mystery unfolded on Thursday’s premiere.

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*Contains spoilers for the first three episodes*

With an all new violent murder occurs, as is tradition, it made fans wonder who the new mystery boy, Gabriel Maddox (who is played by Rome Flynn) is and what role he’s going to play this season. This season revolves around the “Coliver” (Connor Walsh and Oliver Hampton) wedding that fans have been waiting for since they became an item during the first season

HTGAWM S5 EP 1: Your Funeral

For anyone who loves Viola Davis’ character, Annalise Keating, it can easily be said that witnessing her dance and smile at the wedding was amazing, considering what she has been through over the past few seasons.

However, the good times don’t last long as she spots Frank looking like something bad happened. Annalise stops dancing and walks towards him asking, “Why does it look like someone just died?”

“Frank, open your damn mouth,” Annalise said.

As Frank opens his mouth, the audio between the two turns into silence as he tells Annalise what happened. She which in turn, slaps Frank.

The scene quickly shifts to the snowy field outside where you can hear someone struggling and leaking blood all over the snow. The scene is set-up to allow the audience to see through the eyes of the latest murder victim.

As the eyelids begin to shut and the victim loses consciousness, the setting changes to 3 months before the wedding where we can see through a pair of eyelids which turns out to be the mysterious new boy, Gabriel Maddox (which fans are speculating could be Bonnie Winterbottom’s son who she thinks died at birth…or does she?).

Shifting gears, Annalise is now back at Middleton Law School able to practice and teach law again after being fired for her past alcoholism and being a suspect for murder. With this new semester, she is practicing an “Advanced Trial Skills” class, which isn’t a class at all.

“Despite what you think, this is not an Advanced Trial Skills class. In fact, this is not a class at all. This is a sacrifice. From this point on, you will have no time for friends or family,” she said.

She continues, “Instead, you’ll wake up hating yourself for choosing this life, but you’ll get up anyway, killing yourself to win cases only to lose and watch innocent people go to jail. Then you’ll drink to make yourself feel better, take pills, or fantasize about going to sleep…forever. That’s the life you’re choosing. Brutal, mean, depressing, ruthless. But that’s what it costs to change the world. So, who wants in?”

Throughout the rest of the episode, Annalise selects students for her new legal clinic and juggles job offers from competing firms in the meantime. She has many job opportunities and great pay looking into the future, however, she faces backlash for her Supreme Court case win. While having amazing opportunities, she sucks up her pride and takes the partnership with Caplan and Gold Law Firm (yes, the firm that all the drama happened at last season).

The Keating 4 (Connor Walsh, Michaela Pratt, Asher Millstone, and Laurel Castillo) are all attempting to move on from last semester’s turmoil, but the plot thickens as they say.

Laurel is struggling to have time to babysit her recent newborn, Christopher (the late Wes Gibbins’ and Laurel’s son) and juggle law school at the same time. Also, there is still the matter of the unanswered question of what happened to Laurel’s mother after they got into a verbal and what seems to be a physical altercation according to the scratch marks on Laurel’s arm.

Connor and his fiancé, Oliver Hampton, are working towards their wedding, finding venues, and trying to find a cheap, yet suitable place to live together.

Michaela is trying to move on from Asher after he dumbed her when he found out she cheated on him with Olivia Pope’s friend, Marcus Walker in the How to Get Away with Scandal crossover.

It is later known that Asher Millstone did not make the cut for Annalise’s class, in which, enrages and makes him feel left out like always, so now he is trying to find new work and now has a vendetta against Annalise.

While everyone is trying to move on and subsequently handle Annalise’s new course, Oliver has an idea that the Keating 4 (excluding Asher since he doesn’t want to be anywhere near Michaela), to move into one place together. Although Michaela opposed to the idea, Oliver quickly reminded her that she owes him this due to her becoming like Annalise and ratting out Simon (the one who shot himself in the head by accident) to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which they deported Simon back to Pakistan (did I mention he’s also gay?).  

Everything seems to be going smoothly for the gang, however, as the episode continues, things begin to resurface, and more questions arise with every twist and turn.

The Shondaland crime drama steers towards its most fundamental strengths namely the dynamic presence of its star, Viola Davis compelling at every turn at even without much of the intense emotional work this show often dives into.

Fast forwarding to the ending of the episode (the fan’s favorite) where the audience discovers new clues, answers, and twists to the new murder mystery, this flash forward takes fans to a whole new level.

Right as the water begins to fall on Christopher’s head to become baptized, the flash forward transitions to the eyes of the slowly dying murder victim who hears Christopher crying sitting in the snow.

What happened next shocked viewers…footsteps are heard coming towards the victim. The person is Bonnie. It ends with Bonnie putting her bloody hands over the person’s mouth ending the episode on another twisted mystery.

HTGAWM S5 Ep 2: Whose Blood is That?

In this episode, it picks up where the last episode ended. Viewers are placed right into the night of the wedding, where they see Bonnie carrying Christopher somewhere sounding out of breath and nervous.

The scene quickly shifts to two and a half months before the wedding.

Annalise has finally gotten a new place and decorates they way she wants it to begin a new chapter in her life.

Nate Lahey (Detective and Annalise’s ex-boyfriend) investigates Bonnie’s past, while Miller (Bonnie’s boss/lover) was showing her some much-needed affection, but she’s being ridiculously shady because she is terrified of opening to him.

Let’s be honest, it’s been challenging to be a part of Team Bonnie throughout the past few seasons since she has done some distasteful things, but who hasn’t on this show. Although one cannot forget the trauma that Bonnie had endured in her past or the toxic, co-dependent relationship she had with both Sam and Annalise Keating for so many years.

In the sub-plot, Annalise and her students are retrying the 94 cases that got a retrial for Annalise’s Supreme Court win. The first case is a Muslim woman currently serving 20 years for murdering her wife in a vehicular homicide. It is up to Michaela and Annalise to prove that she did not commit murder but was counseled unproperly by her previous public defender. This case is such a big step for Annalise and her students because not only is it a death penalty case, but it is the first case that will prove whether Annalise is up for this.

In later news, Nate is given a picture of who kidnapped Bonnie’s alleged dead child from an adoption center and it is discovered in the picture that it was Bonnie herself.

The flashforward to two months later at the end of the episode takes an even bigger turn. Bonnie brought baby Christopher to the bathroom while cleaning off the blood on her. It is revealed that neither Laurel or Michaela are dead, since they came rushing into the bathroom. While Laurel was checking to see if Christopher was okay, Michaela asked Bonnie if she talked to Nate, which Bonnie doesn’t answer. Laurel for some reason wanted to get back to the party and dance with Christopher, so she leaves.

Meanwhile, Michaela notices blood on Bonnie’s leg.

“Whose blood is that?” Michaela asked nervously.

Bonnie looks down and doesn’t say a word.

As the show closes and the music is becoming even more intense, Michaela repeatedly says, “Bonnie, whose blood is that?”

HTGAWM S5 Ep 3: The Baby Was Never Dead

On the third episode of HTGAWM, it starts off where the last episode ended. Bonnie gets caught with blood on her leg by Michaela. Bonnie hesitates, but saves herself by saying, “Relax, I cut myself shaving.” She immediately goes into one of the stalls and the scene shifts to two months earlier.

This episode’s case concerned a very wealthy and cocky man accused of murder. Annalise took the lead in the court, in support of her new boss, Emmett. The friction between these two was cleverly built and surprisingly the defendant was in a position of power over them also, with promises to move his billion-dollar firm’s services to Caplan & Gold should they win his case.

The greatest thing about this case was that its shared elements with the infamous O.J. Simpson in which Simpson was asked to try on a glove that allegedly belonged to the murderer. However, the glove did not fit the defendant, but it did fit the female witness.

This case was a direct reflection of Annalise’s case because in the end the murder weapon was discovered as a belt. So, Annalise had her client try on the belt in the middle of court, which did not fit him. She had the female witness try on the belt and it was a perfect fit. Anyone would have thought this was an automatic win for Annalise, but the jury decided that the defendant was guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

Taken a back from this loss, they lose the billion-dollar endorsement that they need and must figure out new ways to get the money.

Meanwhile, the Governor is on a witch hunt because she hit Annalise with an Executive order stating that her law students will not be able to help her anymore until they take an ethics class and huge test that next day. Everyone is studying hard to pass the test in such a short notice.

Meanwhile, Nate finally tells Annalise that Bonnie’s dead child isn’t dead and that she was the one that took him, which means she knows that he’s alive. He hands her the picture and tells her who took the child.

Annalise’s facial expression told fans that she already knew that, but what fans didn’t count on is what she said next.

“No, this is not Bonnie. This is her sister,” she said.

The ending to this episode has been the best ending of suspense ever. The forward flash of two months later ended with Bonnie going back to the wedding where they are about to call up Oliver and Conner to dance. The speaker calls up Connor and Oliver. Connor’s, who comes up first, face is bruised like he had been in a fight or scuffle. The speaker concludes by saying to the audience, “Oliver come out, where’s the lucky man at?”

Everyone looks around looking for Oliver including Connor. The episode ends with him saying, “Anyone seen my husband?” he nervously chuckles.

Bonnie takes a drink and chugs it down while Michaela is looking at her wondering whose blood was that on her leg.

Tune in on ABC to watch How to Get Away with Murder on Thursday’s at 10 p.m. only on ABC.

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