On the westside of Atlanta, a young artist named Yung Bino is starting to gain some buzz around Atlanta’s rap scene after dropping his first mixtape titled "Believe in Me," which featured songs with artists Almighty Jay and Jamie Ray.

After collaborating with Jamie Ray on the song “Leave Me Alone,” Yung Bino and Jamie Ray returned with an official music video for the hit song. With more than 20,000 views on YouTube, YBino is ready to take his rap career to the next level.

At 18, Yung Bino recently graduated from West Lake High School. He says he is ready to leave a mark in the rap game.

“Now that I have graduated high school, I can focus more on my music, just have to keep pushing myself and keep recording, which I do every day. I can’t and won’t fall off my game," he said.

Yung Bino has a rap style in which he uses his voice in unique ways. He uses a combination of rapping and singing on a beat. 

“I don’t just rap. I use my voice. I have a style in which I like to sing as well. I’m different, I can flow on any beat. That’s what’s gonna keep me hot in the rap game. I can do a lot with my voice. You can get lost in a wave in Atlanta, but I switch up my flow all the time. I think that’s why my fan base is growing,” said Yung Bino.

Currently on Spotify, Yung Bino is a verified artist and has almost 2,000 subscribers listening to music monthly. He has more than 16,000 followers on Instagram, as well.

When Yung Bino first started rapping he didn’t take it seriously. Yung Bino put a snippet of one of his songs he recorded on his Instagram page and the song blew up.

"Since that day, I be in the studio working every day and every hour. Watching Lil Wayne make constant hit songs growing up made me believe I could do the same."

Since becoming a rapper, YBino has worked with a lot of popular rappers such as Gucci Mane, Rich the Kid, and Young Dolph.

"It feels good to be able to do songs with those rappers. That’s why I love rapping in Atlanta, the rap scene is amazing because you have a lot of opportunities to make it as a rapper, especially when you have your own sound," Yung Bino said.

Yung Bino is an independent rapper with his own label called 19 Richminds, which he and some childhood friends developed. His father is a co-CEO of the label. Richminds was claimed in middle school by Yung Bino and his friends.

"Once his first mixtape dropped and I saw the reaction of how the kids were jumping on him, I thought to myself I might as well put money into my son. It's better I do rather than let anybody else," said Shay Miller, father of Yung Bino.

Record labels are already calling for the rapper, said Miller.

Miller said  Yung Bino gets emails everyday with interest in performing. High school students are trying to book him for parties and shows, pushing an already strong fan-base of young rap fans.

Yung Bino’s second mixtape, "The Golden Boy" is set to drop June 19. It includes nine tracks including two new featured artists.

“Everybody has been asking me who are the new featured artists, but everybody gonna have to wait till June 19. I promise my fans gonna play it every day, and all my fans no it's no rap cap in my rhymes,” said Yung Bino.

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