As the coronavirus pandemic still has a firm grip across the world, many individuals are left to find alternative activities to pass the time. Many are out of work or are working from home while being confined to their homes, leaving everyone to seek some kind of outlet to get through the day as this unforeseen medical crisis looms over our world. For those who earn a living by physical means such as participating in sports have been forced to find different means to keep themselves and their fellow athletes on track. 

Head coach for Kingston, Jamaica’s Saint George’s College basketball team Clifford Brown said, “This virus has just come along and messed up everybody’s plans.”  

As the leader of the defending champions for their rural conference, Coach Brown said he was looking forward to the team’s upcoming season. 

“We started off very good. We won our first three games, and we were looking forward to the new competition,” Brown said. “ISSA (Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association) sent out an email saying that due to the nature of the virus they were suspending the season. And to be honest, they might as well just cancel it, because school itself is almost over. What do they expect? That I’ll have a team of fifteen boys playing outside of the school term? That won’t be happening.” 

When asked how he was maintaining contact with his players during the pandemic, and if he’d been able to keep up with players’ training, Brown said, “It’s not like they can go anywhere, and there is so much that one can do at home. What I make sure to do, however, is just check on them to see how they are doing, how their family is, and if they’re jogging like I tell them (to do). Of course they’ll say yes, it’s not like I can see them. But when August comes, we will see who was running yes or no.” 

Former Savannah State University athlete Autumn Brown, now competing at the University of Florida, has a more relaxed approach to how the pandemic has impacted her athletic opportunities. 

Brown said, “At first it kinda made me upset, you know, like waking up so early in the morning from all the way in August until we had to leave, and now I can’t even compete.” 

As an indoor track athlete, Brown’s season would not have begun until this Spring semester, but she and her teammates at Savannah State had been preparing since last semester. 

When asked if she’d been able to maintain her fitness routine during the quarantine, Brown said, “Yes I am. Well, I try to. I mostly jog and try super hard not to eat too much junk, cause I can eat now.” 

The quarantine pandemic has even made an impact on sports fans since many leagues and team competitions have been postponed until further notice. 

Kingston, Jamaica native Alex Chow, now London resident and fan of the English Premier League football club Manchester United, said, “(The postponement is) the worst. Can you imagine no football? The whole thing is crazy, and I can’t wait till it’s done. Yeah, I understand the men’s health comes first, but never ever did I think something like this would have happened, you know? It needs to be done.” 

Hopefully for everyone, and not just those who participate at some level in sports, this virus and its quarantine will end sooner rather than later.    

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