SSU Campus Areal Shot

SSU Campus Areal Shot.

After a long road of an extended Spring Break back during March 2020 of the Spring 2020 semester from the COVID-19 Pandemic that has hit home for many of us.

Savannah State welcomes back their fellow Tiger’s in open arms by laying down some regulations of staying safe while still dealing with the pandemic at hand. Masks must be worn at all times wherever you go as well as practicing Social Distancing of being six feet apart in large areas, such as the Cafe and the Student Union.

With this change of how we look at our school community some of our fellow students Tiger’s have mixed feelings about being back on campus.

Jhakaela Lewis, senior Visual Arts major said, “I’m glad to be out of the house but, I believe it’s a terrible idea that we had to come back during the COVID-19 outbreak that is still going on.”

She gestured to the campus, “So far being back on campus I’m seeing a lot of students not following the rules of being 6 feet apart from another nor wearing their mask as they suppose to around the campus," she said.

Kayla Best, a freshman majoring in Physiology, “I feel weird being back on campus physically but, having to do certain things differently since the COVID Pandemic.” Best felt uneasy about the situation. “It’s not the best idea to be back on campus due to how we all have our classes. People will have to leave their dorms or homes a lot especially for those that have at risk families to leave home to come to school.”

There is a lot of safety precaution for each individual to risk going to class and being around their peers not knowing if they have been exposed to the virus or not as some do not show symptoms.

Best said, “This still isn’t easy due to not having many online classes available for all the students. So, it’s just not a good idea.”

Andrea Allen, a junior majoring in English Literature, said,“It feels weird since it feels like we shouldn’t be on campus since some of us don’t know how to act.” Seeing it first hand by the first week being back on campus peers aren’t taking the precaution to stay safe.

Allen said,“I still see ads of the big parties through social media such as Twitter and a lot of people will go to parties regardless and will bring it back on campus. It’s a big risk to take by going to these parties.”


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What I did not see in the article was how will the seating arrangements for classes be dealt with? Watch word is social distancing 6 feet apart. Does this mean every other row of desks/seats will be empty (the entire row) The buildings on campus which have lecture halls, I suppose a cap or a limit will be imposed on the seating capacity. As I read the article and am observing at the same time there are gaps. As an undergrad of SSU, I am still interested in what is going on at the HBCU which occupied a portion of my life. I was on the Upward Bound Program at SSU, although it was known as Savannah State College at the time. It is important that SSU control the narrative. The news story on WTOC's website did not place the university in the best light. There is a history between the university and the community outside the gates. I will not go into it here. I will say just go to library and read the microfilm of the Savannah Morning News circa 1976. You'll see what I mean.

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