Since the Spring break of Spring 2020, Savannah State has not seen any in person student activities. The school doing its best to keep its students safe (with things like free testing) to avoid the student-faculty and staff from having to return home again for another semester.

With the Spring semester getting off to a start here at SSU we are all curious about if we will get to see some of our sports teams play. The CDC guidelines say that as long as they don’t test positive for COVID-19, try and bring your equipment like gloves, helmets, water, etc., to stay 6 feet apart when possible and to wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth.

According to SSU athletic website, the Savannah State University baseball team will be playing this semester. The first game will be against Salem University starting February 12th at 1 p.m. right here at our home field. This will be a three-game series. The website has been updated with the new spring 2021 Baseball schedule and roster.

Although these athletes will get to finally play, most games will not be open to students and fans. The is only one game that will be open for students to attend is the JAX Diamond Classic.

Fans will still be able to see eight of the SSU Baseball games live-streamed on the website for fans to watch and cheer on their Tigers.

The Indoor Track & Field season has also started back up. The season opened at the Gamecock Open hosted by the University of South Carolina.

We are all glad to see our teams get back into the swing of things!

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