Winners of The Choice Is Yours Game Show Event 

On Tuesday, November 2, 2021, Savannah State University students gathered in the Student Union ballroom to participate in The Choice Is Yours, a game show hosted by Lecia Rives. At the show's open, Rives announced the two rules of the game: To listen and pay attention.

Each round, the host brought three students onto the stage and asked them to choose a bag. They had a choice of either blue, pink, or tan. Rives would then offer money, ranging up to $250, to each student that they could either take and end their round or keep their bag and the prize that's in it.

In the first round, a student turned down $30 to keep their bag, and they won a pack of chicken-flavored ramen. As the game went on, it became clear that the host would encourage students who chose a lousy bag to take the money instead. In this case, it was up to them to listen or make a poor decision.

Some students, like Criminal Justice major Jada Harrison, won big during the night. In her round, she decided to steal someone else's bag and won a new iPad. "I feel great about my win, because my old iPad actually broke and I needed a new one," she said.

The luckiest of the night, Accounting senior Markell Brown, won an LG 50-inch flat-screen TV. When asked about his win, he said: "All I have to say is trust and believe in yourself. I just went through something where I had to get rid of my old TV, and I'm so glad that I believed in myself and chose to come tonight."

The Campus Activities Board continues to throw engaging activities for the student body, and the students will undeniably clear their schedules for the next The Choice Is Yours event.

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