SAVANNAH, Ga. -- The long-awaited trial of the man suspected in the Christopher Starks shooting on Savannah State University’s campus was postponed again on Wednesday.

 The 2015 shooting and killing of student athlete, Christopher Starks, in the Student Union went unsolved for almost 3 years until the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI) finally made an arrest in April 2018.  

GBI agents arrested 25-year-old Devon Stephens, who was not an SSU student, on 10 charges, including a felony murder charge, a firearm charge, malice and aggravated assault. 

Stephens, indicted by a grand jury, was scheduled to begin trial yesterday in Chatham County. 


Lawyers say the delay will give them to time to serve the witness who attempted to resuscitate Starks after the shooting and is key in the outcome of this trial. It will also help with any conflicted scheduling.

In related news, in 2016, Starks’ family filed a lawsuit against the Board of Regents due to many unsolved crimes and what they feel were ignored incidents of violence on SSU’s campus.  

Starks’ mother, Sharron Starks’ said this in a statement after the arrest, “It's been an extremely emotional day. This was a very long time coming but we never gave up hope. I knew this day would come and I thank God that this arrest happened. Please continue to pray for all families involved because there are no winners here.” 

The family wants closure for the loss of Christopher Starks and hopes that these cases will bring justice for them and other families. 

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