Many people are finding ways to be creative during the COVID-19 quarantine, especially on social media. 

Host Darell Faulkner a.k.a “Big Daddy Rell” and co-host, Donnae Jackson a.k.a “Donny J” are two Savannah State University students who have created a competition on Instagram called "Talent For Days". 

The two said they started the competition because of the talent they saw on campus. 

"We saw some real raw talent on campus. We enjoyed constantly having something new to look at,” said Jackson.

The event is not only a competition but a platform intended to activate a new dimension of artistry using matriculations of individuals’ creativity through video. Showcased talent could be dance, music, art, and more. 

“Talent for Days” will be released in an episodic form over a period of weeks until the winner is chosen. The first season will be a competition for rap artists beginning May 8 and will end in June. 

This season’s perks will be the network connections, $100 prize delivered via CashApp, and an opportunity to meet with publicist Jahylin McKee.

Faulkner said, "Get ready for black artists showcasing their talent to be better and shine a light on their gift while being judged by their Instagram audience while quarantining due to COVID-19.” 

Faulken said he has plans to have more seasons hosted throughout the summer and fall of 2020, giving artists of all forms a chance to showcase their talents.

So far there are ten artists in the competition and seven are Savannah State students. The rappers in the competition are Smiley K, $hawn Dolla, 2benjii, Ma$o, Yung Banks, Kidd Loud, Tymwitay and SSU alumni Wesleethewordsmith.

Artists will create their best rap video to instrumentals distributed by the hosts, and the winner will be determined through the process of elimination. The two hosts say they look forward to having more seasons in the future.

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