Students looking to add general biology and human biology to their schedule in the Fall Semester might have noticed they had trouble finding classes when registration opened March 19.

“When I went to register for my classes, I was confused as to why no biology courses were available," said senior Morgan Daniels. "This upsets me because with only one semester left I wanted my last (registration) for classes to go smooth."

The Biology Department, which typically offers the courses that are part of the core curriculum at Savannah State University, has made a decision to offer courses specifically focused on the needs of their majors, prioritizing its majors over the core curriculum it offers to all students. 

Chairman of the Biology Department Dr. Andrew Methven said, “The department was informed that they were not able to hire part-time faculty to its courses for Fall Semester 2018.”

In addition, a tenured faculty member retired in January 2018. Methven said, “The department made a decision to prioritize course offerings for Biology majors, which number more than 500 on campus.”

As a result, the Biology Department is offering one section of BIOL 1103, two sections of BIOL 1103L, and no sections of BIOL 1104 and BIOL 1104L in Fall Semester 2018.

However, the department is looking for two tenure-track positions for Fall 2018. If it can hire more people, Biology could offer additional sections of BIOL 1103/BIOL 1103L and BIOL 1104/BIOL1104L in Fall Semester 2018, as many students need.

Biology has been the largest major on campus for several years, currently making up more than 10 percent of the student population.

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