Devil’s Backbone showed the violence and tragic experiences that people faced during the Spanish Civil War.

Prior to the movie's beginning, Professor Hernandez described the difference in their political parties as compared to American political parties. Republicans in Spain are the opposite from what they represent here. What we know as Democrats here are Republicans in Spain. The Republican party of Spain are called “freedom fighters” as they spend time fighting for equality and labor unions.

Devil's Backbone was directed by Guillermo del Toro, creator of the Hellboy films and other fantasy horror films. Toro's spooky masterpiece combined betrayals, resentment, horror, and also symbolized what life might have been like during the Spanish Civil War.

"I thought it was an interesting film. I have not closely followed Guillermo del Toro’s career as a director. The film has some of the elements of magic realism, so there’s a realistic narrative that blends with elements of fantasy or magic," said Francisco Duque who was taking part in the Hispanic Heritage Festival on campus.

Lady Volmar, a Marine Biology major at Savannah State from Puerto Rico, had an  interest in the film. She said how she was there for the viewing to get more involved and to learn more about the culture while also taking advantage of the opportunity to network within the community on campus.

Another student Cornelius Sandy, a junior from New Jersey was in attendance to be more scholarly, he said. Sandy said he thought the film overall was interesting and unexpectedly entertaining.

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