Jamal Hendrix
Jamal Hendrix 

Former Savannah state student, Jamal Hendrix, has been expanding his wings since he graduated from Savannah State University in 2019.

Majority of the time once you graduate people forget about you, but no now can forget about Jamal Hendrix. He has been working very hard on his craft. He graduated with a B.A. in Mass Communications.

According to Jamal, he specializes in video creation. Taking a look at his Instagram platform, Jamal produces a ton of videos weekly.

Jamal was asked, "What are some good tips in making a good documentary?"

Jamal stated, "[I] have a lot of batteries [on] standby, keep[ing] the camera rolling during important speeches or events. Mak[ing] sure you are capturing good b-roll as well, such as getting in a taxi or on a train. Break your camera down to as minimal as possible.”

Jamal has been in Atlanta, Georgia making great connections. Once he has completed work for someone they refer Jamal to other people because his work is so great.

Jamal will be continue to be consistent in making content and also expanding his net worth.

When Jamal Hendrix attended SSU he was apart of multiple organizations including Collegiate 100 and Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. While Jamal is doing work in Atlanta, it is also his hometown in which his mother lives. Jamal grew up very ambitious and determined to make a change in the world.

Jamal can be highlighted as the perfect example of a "tiger rising" after it leaves the den and to inspire students and the ones he went to school with. 

Learn more about Jamal by visiting his website at Jamalhendrix.com

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