The time has come to yet again use your voices to make a change! Over the past weekend, a virtual homecoming event was held to promote voting awareness. Voting is very important; it gives citizens their chance to exercise freedom of speech.

Exercising freedom of speech in voting allows citizens to speak up for who they desire in office for the greater good of the country. Even those who are not able to vote due to age and prior convictions should be well informed and in the loop on the voting process  Each individual has their view when it comes to voting.

The big debate is whether our voting matters. Wanting to see the student perspective, I had a chance to speak with a few students. The question posed to each was if they feel voting was important and if they would be voting in the upcoming election. When speaking with Melownese Collins she stated “I feel that voting is very important it gives us a chance to speak and on what we believe in. Yes, I will be voting and I have also encouraged my family, friends, and coworkers to vote as well.” 

George Shahid-Jones and he was very vocal about this year's election. “I feel that it is very important to vote especially for African Americans. Our ancestors died so that we would have a say in who we want representing our country, with that being said I definitely will be voting in this election and the future.”

Outside of speaking with students,  with Savannah State University’s very own Terry Manning. Manning was asked how important he felt that voting is if he would be voting, and what he felt could be done outside of voting to make a difference. He replied, “Voting is the most important thing that we can do as citizens to determine the kind of country we want to live in today and the future. I voted early by dropping off an absentee ballot.” It was intriguing to get the views of not only fellow tigers but to get a staff's outlook on the matter. With major social and economical issues, we all must use our voices where they count — at the voting polls.

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Voting, while being important, should not be the only measuring stick used to gauge progress or lack of it as far as Black people are concerned. I implore students while you still pursuing your studies to search out Black media. Don't just vote every 4 years or 2 years in the off year elections. Still informed and keep up with current events. What takes place within the borders of the United States and throughout the world will affect you. Case in point....the worldwide pandemic known as Covid-19.

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