Savannah State University’s campus was closed Monday afternoon, during mandatory evacuations from Chatham County for Hurricane Dorian.

Hurricane Dorian made landfall in the Bahamas as a record-breaking Category 5 storm and is expected to head north toward the Savannah area.

Savannah State University is no stranger to hurricanes, and has evacuated for other recent storms include Hurricane Matthew in 2017.

While some students felt the university made the right decision to evacuate early, others felt the decision was made too early.

“In my opinion, I feel it was kind of a rash decision," Savannah State senior biology major, Jalia Prayor, said. "Me and my sister do not have transportation here at school, and we were told to evacuate campus last minute. We had to spend money and I really do not want to go back home right now.”

“As a CA on campus, I’m just glad that the students will be safe," Senior business major Ashtin Baker said. "Last year, plenty of students left for a hurricane and not much happened. Some of my friends felt it was a huge waste of time to have to go all the way home. I’m from Albany, Georgia, and the hurricane hit worse there than it did here in Savannah. I had a couple of friends basically stuck there when they could’ve been better off here."

Parents expressed support for the university's decision.  LaShonja Perry, who has a daughter at Savannah State, said, “I’m happy about the evacuations. We send our children to college in hopes of them being safe. And if the school makes the decision to send them home for a couple days so they can be safe, that’s the best decision.”

So far, Savannah State University has pushed classes to Desire2Learn for Sept. 3-5, and while there is no specific date made for when students can come back to campus, it will, for sure, be after the campus has been declared safe.

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