On Oct. 1, a federal judge temporarily blocked Georgia’s controversial abortion law, which banned the medical practice after detection of a heartbeat in the fetus. 

U.S. District Judge Steve Jones ruled that the law overstepped into a privacy issue, “By banning pre-viability abortions, H.B. violates the constitutional right to privacy, which, in turn, inflicts per se irreplaceable harm on the Plaintiff.”

Jones held that a state cannot ban abortion before embryo or fetus is viable, and that the constitutional challenge of the new law is likely to succeed, said Jones.

The ruling blocks the law from going into effect on Jan. 1, 2020. 

When Gov. Brian Kemp signed the abortion law in May, several national organizations spoke out against it. Celebrities and production companies also threatened to pull filming from the state, which has seen immense growth in film production over the past few years. 

Students on Savanah State's campus have their own thoughts about the abortion ban block.

Isabel Marin, a senior political science major at Savannah State University, says, “I believe the Supreme Court has no right to block a bill in any state. For God's sake we women go through so much and for Kemp and any other man to agree with this is beyond me! Women are the ones who carry a baby for nine months and put their body at risk. Men will never understand the pain we go through. I disagree to this law.”

Devon Goodman a sophomore, who is an accounting major says, “In my opinion, women should be able to make their own decision as to whether they would like to keep the child or not. Who is the government to make the rules and have a say so on a woman’s life? These men will never know what women go through nor do they care, all they think about is themselves and I think it is a selfish act.” 

“I feel like the ‘heartbeat’ law is going to eventually lead up to banning abortion as a whole. Personally I don’t think it is fair to the women in the U.S. I am pro-choice and women should have the option to get an abortion in a safe way,” Karen Perez, a junior, said. 

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