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Savannah State University’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) is preparing and planning for an exciting year back on campus. Last year, many of the school's events were held virtually due to the covid-19 pandemic, this notably decreased student participation and morale within the student body. Now that the university is back to operating in-person, CAB is ready to get students involved again.  

The Campus Activities Board exists to bring students over the top entertainment and keep them engaged through cultural, social, educational, and entertaining activities that promote involvement in campus life. Given the changes the pandemic has created, when planning events and promoting participation in student activities CAB must think critically about the challenges Covid has made, and create new modifications that consider the safety of everyone.  

SSU’s Coordinator of Student Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion, Antwan Smalls said, “Like the rest of the world, it has been a lot of trial and error navigating our current health crisis. However, we remain hopeful and true to our cause, extending our services to meet the needs of students.”  

Smalls emphasized the importance of keeping everyone safe by giving students different ways to participate by offering virtual programming, making sure social distancing is enforced, and even having registration for certain events. 

Executive members of the Campus Activities Board discussed making sure that students have fun and protect themselves as new variants of Covid emerge. Ty’Mesha Williams, CAB’s Membership Chair said, that this year they plan to “encourage students to wear masks, get Covid tested, and to keep a safe distance among peers”.  

Rance Mccray, PR and Marketing Committee Chair for CAB said, “Something I’m looking forward to the most is giving students a great Homecoming since last year we didn’t have one and getting back to a sense of normalcy.” 

Other schools like Morehouse College and Fayetteville State have canceled big festivities like homecoming as covid cases rise. Last week, the City of Savannah issued a moratorium on activities in September. Because of this moratorium and the uptick in cases in Savannah, Savannah State will not have the annual Homecoming Parade, which usually occurs on Homecoming Gameday.  

Friday, SSU President Kimberly Ballard-Washington encouraged students to get vaccinated so that the university can continue the fall semester without disrupting too many activities. 

This year the Campus Activities Board is diligently working to influence students to keep Savannah State healthy and keeping them entertained by planning creative, new events and emphasizing the ideas of HBCU culture, unity, and being actively involved on campus.  









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