As Hurricane Dorian bore down on the Bahamas, Savannah State University was one of the first to call for evacuation of the campus and move its courses to Desire2Learn for the majority of the week. 

Students were told the dormitories would be evacuated on Sept. 2 by 6 p.m. 

The decision was in line with Gov. Brian Kemp's declaration of a mandatory evacuation for Chatham County, effective Sept. 2. 

For some students, the evacuation seemed like an overreaction.

“This is the third year in a row Savannah State has been affected by a hurricane but Dorian seems to be the most serious,” said Savannah State biology Major Turner Davis. “The flooding and storm surge is something I will definitely prepare for being a Savannah local and all, but I think me and my family will be fine."

Davis is not alone in his decision to stay. Many students who are from the area decided to hunker down and weather out the storm.

When asked about the mandatory evacuation, some other students also believe the reaction in the media to be a little dramatic. “The last two years the news has said Savannah will be hit hard but I’ve always stayed and it’s just been a little rain and wind,” said history major Ben Botham.

Savannah State offered alternative housing and transportation to on-campus residents during the evacuation. 

While the mild consequences of the hurricanes in previous years have lulled many Savannah State students into a sense of security, Savannah State Assistant Baseball Coach and former student Caleb Hill made sure to heed the warnings of the news and the government.

“There is no point in putting yourself at harm,” Hill said. “You can never know for sure how these hurricanes will develop and its always better to be safe than sorry.”

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Hurricanes do not supply a script in advance as to where they will strike or how much damage they will inflict. The individual student has to ask himself or herself do they want to take risks which have no guarantees.

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