Da’Ondalyn Simmons, freshman softball player, here at Savannah State has had a see-saw relationship with the coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it affected her upcoming season, her eligibility on the field, and her personal life.

A few weeks ago, Simmons contracted the virus and deemed it would be “something she wouldn’t want anybody else to get.” She wore a mask everywhere she went so taking the proper steps and precautions to not catch the virus is key. She returned a week late to softball practice due to her having to quarantine and she felt like that put her a little behind and basically made her had to do catch up in the class and on the field.

Just this past spring Simmons and her softball team here at Savannah State, were on a hot streak right before COVID ended their season. The virus led to the cancellation of their season in the spring and a delay to their season in the fall where it kept her and her team off the field and furthermore messed up team chemistry.

Simmons sees school as a tough task this fall being that everything is basically online and that she is teaching herself how to do things, she said, “Being a student-athlete is cool but being a student overall comes first, I came to college to get my education and this has by far been one of the hardest semesters that I have had so far”.

She talks about how professors don’t necessarily care about the amount of stress they are putting on students recently when learning online and that they need to ease up or have some type of grading curve. She believes some classes shouldn’t be taught online and that administration should find a way to bring us in person.

This year softball will start in the spring along with football and basketball which is something uncommon but Simmons believes that at some point of time this will benefit her and her team to the point where they feel like they can win the SIAC and look at this semester as a stepping stone to make history.

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