This year has created many obstacles for us all, from the new norm created by COVID-19 and learning how to cope with it as well. Especially for seniors graduating in the Fall of 2020, they are now being told that instead of graduating in December they will be graduating earlier than previous senior classes.

There has been a lot of mixed emotions about the change in the semester end date. Jarred Mccoy, graduating senior Interdisciplinary Mass Communications/Africana Studies. Mccoy says,“ Graduating in November makes the semester feel rushed, it threw off the traditional experience of what a Graduation is.”

Some students don’t know how to feel about it because they don’t know what to expect of early graduation. Keshaun Lundy, graduating senior majoring in Electronics Engineering Technology, states, “ I don’t know how to feel, I think all I can do is try to finish strong and make the best out of the circumstances that are being given to me.”

“ I feel like it brings an added level of stress, but it is not something we all can’t handle”.

Others are finding positives in the news of earlier graduation than in previous years pleased by the change viewing it as a blessing that instead of December they will be graduating in November. Ashton Baker, majoring in Business Management says, “ I like that I am graduating early since it gives me more time to spend with family over the holiday." He also believes that virtual graduation is a good idea saying, “ Instead of invite just my immediate family I can just send a link to family all across the states and everyone will be able to see me graduate”.

This change has created a lot of mixed feelings and brought stress to students that are looking to graduate this semester. Although this is a semester unlike any other Savannah State Universities Fall 2020 seniors will accomplish the goal of graduating. Completing their undergraduate through all of the obstacles created by COVID-19 will just prove another reason why our students are seriously impressive.

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