Rock and Roll Marathon

Savannah Rock 'N' Roll Marathon 2019. 

Community uproar as Rock 'n' Roll Marathon comes back to Savannah

Residents of Savannah are excited about the return of the marathon

SAVANNAH, GEORGIA – As the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon returns to Savannah, people in the community cannot stop talking about it. The first big event to take place in Savannah since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. On Saturday, November 6, 2021, the marathon relay will begin at approximately 7:30 a.m. on Bay Street at Bull Street.

The Rock 'n' Roll Marathon event is a circuit that takes its runners throughout the Historic District of Savannah. The Historic view showcases the beautiful view of Spanish moss, Victorian homes, Antebellum architecture, and finally ends at the phenomenal Forsyth Park. The running course is fast and flat for first-time runners and PR chasers. With a splash of charged music for an a-list experience that will keep runners moving for an outstanding distance. The full race time limit is round about 7 hours, but the times can be subject to change.

After two years of postponements and cancellations, the first marathon back has encouraged me to interview two people on what they are looking forward to this weekend. The interview will consist of one question: "What are you most looking forward to for this weekend's event?"

Domonique Smith, Savannah State University student has attended a previous marathon event in 2019 during her sophomore year of college. "I am mostly looking forward to seeing the runners throughout the Savannah area. This time of the year is one of my favorite because I get to experience watching a famous marathon run with so many different people that has a passion for running," said Smith.

Jo'Quell Thomas says, "I have family that has run numerous marathon events since I was a little girl. I have had the experience of attending the marathons, but I have never run in one. I've had many thoughts about being a part of one but haven't fully prepared for it yet." After interviewing these two young ladies, I feel a lot of history and excitement going on. The Rock 'n' Roll Marathon is a big event in several cities and has positively impacted citizens since the beginning. Don't forget to walk your walk and talk your talk. There is space for everyone.

Due to the weather, the Rock and Roll Marathon has shortened its route this year not coming through Savannah State.

For more information about registration and marathon details visit

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