Due to the 2020 global pandemic, Savannah State University will be hosting its first annual virtual homecoming via WebEx and Zoom to reinforce the safety of others and social distancing. The admission for this year's homecoming will be free for everyone to access and participate.

The event coordinators for this year's homecoming are Shannon Sharpe, alumni cheerleaders, the Charlotte alumni, Central Florida alumni, and the East Atlanta Suburban alumni chapters. The type of events that will take place is a Greek playlist versus battle, cooking classes, worship and praise, vendor tailgate, virtual parties, health and fitness, and more. The slogan for this year's homecoming is to "Vote Early".

Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday of homecoming are the three most highly anticipated days of the week. The comedy show is scheduled for Wednesday and every homecoming students enjoy the comedy show, because of the comedians we've previously had. The digital vibes virtual party is scheduled for Friday night and will be hosted by Wayne, DJ Dream, DJ Dirty Redd, and Kenya Cabine. Even more exciting, Saturday will consist of an amazing live concert from Grammy Award Winning Artist Anthony Davis. “The High Society” virtual party will begin after his performance on Friday.

There has been a lot of controversy about homecoming being virtual this year. Taynisia Lockette, senior majoring in Criminal Justice, expressed her opinion stating, “Homecoming won’t feel nor be the same. People enjoy themselves and one another when we all come together physically, being on camera only makes people shy and uncomfortable.”.

Kameron Greene, a junior majoring in Mass Communication, also has an opinion about homecoming stating, "Although homecoming is virtual, what we as students and upperclassmen must do is, show other who are afraid to enjoy activities virtually how to overcome their fear and to make everyone feel like they are at home.”

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