At the start of a typical weekend at Savannah State University, a student showcase was held in Whiting Hall’s auditorium. The student showcase known as SSU Underground put on a concert full of local student artists which acted as a platform for Savannah State students to promote any personal businesses. DeAngelo Rowe, a senior at Savannah State, brainstormed an idea and build it into something real. The purpose? SSU Underground allows exposure of student artists and to bring the Savannah State family closer together.   

The audience grew excited with energy and the artists were eager to showcase their talents. The first artist to perform was Dasia Cameron, stage name Saeso Didit, who is a rapper and full-time student at Savannah State. This is her first time performing at SSU Underground, although she has been rapping for five years. 

“Before I started like doing music, I was doing poetry," Didit explained. 

Didit’s inspiration developed from her friends participation in music and looking up to artists such as Young Thug. During her performance, the audience interacted with her rapping, establishing a bond between her supporters and newcomers. Didit was also the only female artist to perform, making her stage presence extra special.  

Christopher Smith, commonly known around campus as 2Benji, performed after Didit. The Underground paved the way for this up and coming rapper, elevating his developing career. When he hit the stage, the audience went crazy, overjoyed for his come-up. The audience stayed engaged throughout all performances.

Aleah Clinton, a sophomore at Savannah State, attended the concert in support her friends and to capture b-roll for a public relations agency she is a part of. 

“It’s really good energy, also it’s a good opportunity especially for people who don’t have any exposure […] and are interested in doing music,” said Clinton. 

Separate from music, SSU Underground is also a venture for student businesses. Rowe intended the event to not only be about music, but a place to showcase any talent, any project the students had to offer. 

“Students who have their own businesses, so that can get some exposure, sell some stuff, and you know put their name out there," Clinton said.

Concluding the event, Rowe thanked everyone for coming and explained how he wants SSU Underground to be something that everyone on campus knows about it. 

“My goal was to help people, everyone was helped. Everyone wants to feel like their work and art is appreciated,” Rowe said.

The goal of the Underground is to network, to find business partners, friends, or supporters. The Underground is student-run and is conducted not only for fun, but also an arena for professionalism to be practiced. 

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